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8 Tell-Tale Signs of a Slacker

The Project

This is a campaign I designed whilst working at a creative agency in London, UK. The campaign included a video, a brochure and social media posts. The goal of the campaign was to promote Cooee's service which consists of sending a member of their team to the client's office when help is needed.

Cooee is a design and production agency based in London. They offer many design services from artworking to digital design. Cooee is the agencies’ agency which means they can send a member of their team to come to any office along with fully equipped machine and software in order to do the job under the client’s roof so they can manage appropriately.

Introducing The Slacker

The slacker is a common species native to the workplace environment. They’re collectively known for never pulling their weight. For dodging responsibility like a speeding bullet. If you need them, they’re never there. Sound familiar? Here’s a handy guide to identifying them.

The Social Media

The video comes along with social media posts such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Each post represents a different type of slacker.